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Over the past three years, Condom Nation has distributed over 30 million condoms across 45 different States. Throughout that time, Condom Nation has supported over 400 organizations nationwide in their efforts to distribute condoms to their clients and in their communities. The original intent of Condom Nation was to provide organizations assistance in obtaining condoms, as well as raise awareness about the lack of access to a very basic and necessary tool to prevention HIV and other STDs. As we move into 2015, Condom Nation is shifting its focus to a more sustainable model that will fulfill the same goals of Condom Nation, but also create more engaging ways for organizations to work with Condom Nation and AHF in general. 

Instead of submitting multiple requests for condom cases, Condom Nation will be accepting applications from organizations to become Condom Nation Partners, where organizations will select the amount of condoms that they will receive for the year, and also select different options of engagement ranging from advocacy to marketing. Through this, Condom Nation is looking to build stronger relationships across the country with organizations that have benefitted from the condom distribution over the past three years. 

If you are interested in this partnership, please complete the Condom Nation 2015 Partnership Application, and complete it by December 15, 2014. The application is available here: We will be selecting 100-150 organizations for this partnership, and will notify all applicants by January 5, 2015. Please note that the ordering of condoms through the Condom Nation website will no longer be available after November 28. 

Condom Nation appreciates the interest and support for the condom distribution program, and we are looking forward to receiving your application. If you have any questions about this new process, please contact me at



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